Trade Union Pro announced industrial action in the ICT sector from 27 November

Publication date 10.11.2017 10.43 | Published in English on 13.11.2017 at 12.37
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The dispute was caused by conflicting views between the Trade Union Pro and Service Sector Employers Palta regarding the conditions of temporary agency work. The term of the previous collective agreement ended on 31 October 2017.

The work stoppage would start on 27 November at 6.00 and end on 1 December. The stoppage would concern all work done by clerical employees under the collective agreement for the ICT sector in all companies covered by the agreement,  including teleoperators, telephone companies, contact centres, and network construction and maintenance.

According to Pro, the work stoppage would concern about 12,000 clerical employees, experts, superiors and temporary agency workers in the sector.

National Conciliator Minna Helle will be in contact with both parties to the dispute and then decide on further action.