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The National Conciliator’s Office, which works in connection with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is responsible for the Valtakunnansovittelija.fi website. The web service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The front page contains the latest news from the National Conciliator’s Office. 
All news from the National Conciliator’s Office are in the Current issues section. The Mediation in labour disputes section describes the conciliation system. The Statistics section contains annual reports and statistics on the number of labour disputes in conciliation. In addition to contact information and opening hours, the Organisation and contact information section presents the current conciliators and describes their tasks. 


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The web service provides news as RSS feeds. 


The search function can be accessed via the website header.

By default, searches target the entire content of the site. The quick search function returns pages that include all of your search terms in the given language. The Boolean operator ‘AND’ is automatically added between the search words. You can also search using partial words. 


If you have any questions or wish to submit feedback about the web service, please use a feedback form. Feedback is processed during office hours. We can respond to feedback and questions only if contact details are provided on the form (email address or name and address). We will respond to feedback primarily by e-mail. 

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The Ministry has a separate media bank at its disposal where images of the National Conciliator can be downloaded for use by the media. (public material>media>management)

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The National Conciliator’s Office is responsible for the content of the website and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for its technical functioning.
In making the content available, every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. The National Conciliator’s Office is not responsible for any costs or damages incurred by the user because of errors that might exist on the site, nor is the Office responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.

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Further information on the content and technical functionality of the website is provided by the National Conciliator’s Office (valtakunnansovittelija(at)gov.fi), and by the Communications unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (info.tem(at)gov.fi).