The National Conciliator acted as a mediator in 15 labour disputes in 2017. In eight cases the dispute was resolved before the start of industrial action and in five cases after the start of industrial action. In 2017, labour disputes were mediated in several sectors, including air transport, shipping, trade, services and industry.

Mediated labour disputes in 1963–2017

Not all labour disputes come under the conciliation procedure. Labour disputes that take place when a collective agreement is in effect do not come under the scope of the conciliation of labour disputes. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Labour Court. Likewise, political or sympathy strikes do not come within the scope of the conciliation system.

Statistics Finland reports the total number of labour disputes in Finland. The statistics for 2017 will be published in spring 2018. According to Statistics Finland, the number of labour disputes was 69 in 2016, showing a significant drop on the previous year when the number totalled 163.

Statistics on labour disputes compiled by Statistics Finland