Organisation and contact information

The National Conciliator’s Office is an independent central government agency, which comes under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The agency is headed by the National Conciliator. In addition to the National Conciliator, there are also part-time conciliators who can act as mediators in labour disputes as necessary. There are two part-time conciliators in the Helsinki Region and one in Åland.

Contact information of the National Conciliator’s Office

PO Box 345
Bulevardi 6A
00121 Helsinki
Tel +358 29 506 2525

The Office is open by appointment



The National Conciliator is an impartial public servant whose task is to assist labour market organisations in concluding collective agreements, especially in situations where industrial peace is threatened. It is also in the interest of all public and private sector actors to ensure that labour disputes are settled through conciliation so that the damage that may be caused by them can be prevented. The task of the National Conciliator is also to promote the relationship between employers and wage earners in general.

The tasks and powers of the National Conciliator and other conciliators are laid down in the Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes (420/1962).

Vuokko Piekkala






National Conciliator: Vuokko Piekkala


Part-time conciliators:






Jukka Ahtela







Janne Metsämäki



Leo Suomaa









Jukka-Pekka Tyni, Ahvenanmaan itsehallintoalue


Secretary Tuija Ahonen