Minna Helle called for new spirit in Finnish labour market policy at EK's spring meeting seminar

Publication date 23.5.2016 15.48
News item

According to Helle, the criticism directed at the competitiveness pact is understandable. However, the pact is better than its alternatives.

Industrial peace could be disturbed and possibilities for reforming collective bargaining agreements could be weakened by the failure of the pact. Achieving the aims of the Finnish fiscal policy is also strongly dependent on the competitiveness pact. Helle also emphasised holding onto the agreed timetables for the negotiations.


In the seminar, Helle talked about the need for bringing the labour market up to date and what this would require from the parties concerned. Agreeing is the best way for creating solutions in which everyone wins. This requires the parties to have trust, courage, vision and patience.


In the seminar, Helle also considered the new Finnish labour market model, which aims to support the competitiveness, employment, productivity and the balance of public finances in industries exposed to competition and the model's impacts on conciliation of industrial disputes.


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