New website of the National Conciliator’s Office

Publication date 6.4.2016 6.00
News item

A new website of the National Conciliator’s Office was opened on 6 April 2016. The site provides background information about the system of conciliating industrial disputes, and news about current affairs in the fields.

It also explains the conciliation system and tells about the powers of the conciliator and procedures followed in the process. Statistics about conciliated disputes since 1963 are also available on the site.

The front page presents current news about conciliation matters. Information about the National Conciliator’s Office and the National Conciliator Minna Helle is available under Organisation and Contact Details.

In connection with the introduction of the site the National Conciliator’s Office was given a new visual identity. It is the work of Ilari Pousi and design agency Sissy Oy.