Eight labour disputes mediated in 2015

4.4.2016 12.23
News item

The National Conciliator’s Office acted as a mediator in eight labour disputes in 2015.

Four of the cases were related to collective agreement concerning icebreakers and multipurpose icebreakers owned by Arctia Shipping Ltd. The parties involved were the Finnish Employers' Association of Special Vessels, and the Finnish Seafarers’ Union, the Finnish Engineers’ Association and the Finnish Ship Officers’ Association.

Two labour disputes concerned the aviation sector and were related to Airpro Oy’s collective agreement. In this dispute, the parties were the Service Sector Employers PALTA, the Finnish Aviation Union, and the Finnish Cabin Crew Union.

At the end of the year, conciliators were used in a labour dispute concerning Posti that involved the Service Sector Employers PALTA and the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU.

The last labour dispute of the year concerned the forest machine sector, with the Trade Association of Finnish Forestry and Earth Moving Contractors and the Woodworkers’ Union as parties involved.

In 2015, industrial action was taken in six of the labour disputes in which conciliators were used before a resolution was found. Six of the labour disputes were resolved when the parties accepted the conciliator's proposal for a settlement, and in one of the disputes the parties found a mutual agreement. One mediation process was discontinued without a settlement.

National Conciliator Minna Helle describes the year 2015 as hectic and the labour disputes in which mediators were used as difficult and focused on basic requirements. The number of labour disputes in which conciliators were used was high, considering that a majority of sectors had joined the centralised incomes agreement which was extended in June 2015.

Link to a table on mediated labour disputes