Labour dispute resolved in the ICT sector – industrial action cancelled

Publication date 23.11.2017 18.06 | Published in English on 24.11.2017 at 14.15
News item

The Trade Union Pro and the Service Sector Employers Palta have accepted the National Conciliator's proposal for settlement.

National Conciliator Minna Helle gave her settlement proposal to the labour dispute parties on the morning of 23 November 2017. The parties gave their response on the evening of the same day.

The dispute was resolved after a week and a half of intensive mediation. The Trade Union Pro was to take industrial action against telecom operators, among other employers, starting on 27 November 2017.

  • I´m pleased that we were able to find a reasonable way to resolve the dispute in good time before the start of the industrial action. It was a difficult process, since the dispute was about both the pay and employment terms and the parties’ long-standing conflicting views regarding the principles of using temporary agency workforce, Helle said.

The pay settlement proposed is in line with other collective agreements settled so far at sectoral level, taking into account the duration of the agreement period, which is 27 months. The resolution contains local practices for the use of temporary agency work. The aim is to increase transparency and thereby prevent any new disputes arising from the use of temporary agency work.

  • I hope that in future the parties will be able to cooperate efficiently both in companies and at sectoral level, Helle said.

The Trade Union Pro has cancelled the industrial action planned from 27 November to 1 December 2017.

Full text of the accepted proposal for settlement (in Finnish):