Threat of strike at conventional and multipurpose icebreakers postponed by two weeks

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 2.3.2018 14.12 | Published in English on 5.3.2018 at 10.52
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has decided to postpone the work stoppage announced by the Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union for 7 March 2018. The strike could start on 21 March 2018 at 14.00 at the earliest.

The Finnish Ships’ Officers’ Association rejected the settlement proposed by National Conciliator Minna Helle on 1 March. The Finnish Shipowners' Association, representing the Arctia Group, was prepared to accept the settlement.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment decided to postpone the strike based on a proposal by National Conciliator Minna Helle.

The Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes allows the Ministry to postpone a strike by a maximum of 14 days if, in the light of its scope or the nature of the sector involved, the intended work stoppage can be considered to affect essential functions of society or to prejudice the general interest to a considerable extent. Another requirement is that more time is needed for mediation.