Political work stoppage on 2 February 2018 – trade unions that have notified the National Conciliator

Publication date 1.2.2018 8.40 | Published in English on 2.2.2018 at 8.45
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A political strike does not come within the scope of labour dispute conciliation.

The following trade unions have notified the National Conciliator's Office of their participation in the political work stoppage on 2 February:

Akava Special Branches

Trade Union Pro

Transport Workers’ Union AKT

Union of Professional Engineers in Finland

Finnish Aviation Union (IAU)

Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL

Service Union United PAM

Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU

Finnish Construction Trade Union

Finnish Food Workers' Union SEL

Industrial Union

Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT)

Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO

The list does not necessarily cover all unions participating in the stoppage. Unlike with stoppages caused by labour disputes, no statutory advance notification applies to industrial action taken for political reasons. As regards political protests, several unions comply with the obligation to provide four days' advance notification based on the agreements concluded between labour market organisations. In practice, the National Conciliator is also notified of political stoppages, although they do not fall within the competence of the Conciliator.

The aim of a political stoppage is to influence political decision-makers. The reason for the stoppage is thus external to the labour market. For the above-mentioned reasons, political stoppages do not come under the scope of labour dispute conciliation and the National Conciliator does not take action regarding them. Therefore, the statutory obligation to provide 14 days' advance notification laid down in the Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes does not apply to them, either.